Rated PG

Err, PG stand for PilosopoGyno. Just saying. Lol

So right, here’s a WIP of what I’ve been doing for hours today. Guess who he is! Come on guess who! Well, saying I’ve been working on it for hours would be true though I’ve been working on it on and off along with some codey stuff. Since I really don’t have that much stuff to tell you guys today, I thought I’d post this for now.

Now I’m not complaining since I’m really enjoying working on this, but damn I had to re-do this twice! You see, someone I know was apparently walking around with an asinine mind inside his head and decided to turn of the computer while I was working on this. I let the first one pass as I was working on codes back then anyway and I could just simply patiently re-type everything and the drawing wasn’t doing that much progress yet. But then he did it again. And I was about to save this drawing then! If he only decided to be crazy a couple of seconds later then I could have salvaged the drawing’s bodeeeeh!

Anyway, crazy people aside, as I have said, I really enjoy doing this. I haven’t tried doing people with angular face before so this was a nice challenge. And the goatee. I didn’t know how to draw one. So I decided messing around with it and ended up using small dots for it. You see, I tried using lines and squiggly lines. And after all of those, I’ve only one conclusion to share, specifically to Gyno: Don’t grow a beard, dude. Not a long shaggy one.

Sigh, so this is as far as I could go for now. It’s about time to kick the swivel chair towards the fridge. So I guess I’ll just have to log my mailbox out first. I’ve been dealing with a couple of comments on my tutorial blog, too, so I had it open for a long time. I usually just open it, check for new mails then log it out. Today was different since Disqus flooded me with comments. 

I wish people would also use my Disqus Comments on this blog. Lol. It feels satisfying replying to comments, I realized.


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August 26th, 2012 at 7:40pm

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